Cultural Exchange

Cultural exchange is becoming an increasingly important dimension in development of understanding between the peoples of China and western countries. However there still exits only a rudimentary knowledge about each other’s cultures. One of the most important aspects of culture is music. Europe was the cradle of the birth of classical music; symphony orchestras and many of the great world composers are from the EU member states. Many of these are well known to the Chinese public. The Chinese public, however, has little knowledge of folk and more contemporary world music and western people have a very rudimentary idea of traditional Chinese Music. BLN sees international musical exchange as an important dimension for developing stronger ties and understanding between the people of China and the western countries. Building on the experience from the recent years exchange programmes and the musical production of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Closing Ceremony a proposal for a Sino European Musical Exchange Programme has been formulated and a major American tour is planned for 2008 in cooperation with Klaus Badel.

Norway China World Music Concert Tour

Proposal for A Sino-European Musical
Cultural Exchange Programme