Black Steed

Black Steed

European Concert Tour – September, 2011 - Mongolian Black Steed with Bian Liunian

From inner Mongolia Black Steed 2011 European Concert Tour with Bian Liunian, China's leading national musical producer, composer and musical director of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Closing Ceremony. BLN has the last 15 years produced many of the major musical events of China. See Chinese fiddle VS Euro-Rock (Bian Liunian)

Black steeds powerful and harmonic rythms exemplifies the horse riding warriors sweeping down the grasslands illuminated by a vibrant sunset.

Song after song is physically engaged and emotionally excited by the music and imagery.

Black Steed sings with powerful emotions and earth shattering voices. The celesteal tenor sings out the passion of for the hometown´s grasslands-. The male dual and multiharmonics creates a varm and beautiful vocals that captivates strong emotions of audiences.

Black Steed September 2011: Black Steed plays at the Sacred Music festival in Drammen, Norway.
Union Scene

Drammen 24.09.2011

Tolga Kirke

Sammfunshuset på Tolga 26.09.2011

City Scene

City Scene Alta 29.09.2011

Tromsø Kultursenter

Tromsø 01.10.2011
World Music Festival


Milano consert

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Black Steed



Black Steed
Black Steed
Black Steed
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See Chinese fiddle vs Euro-Rock (Bian Liunian)