Born in 1961 Nanjing, Jiangsu, Province, Bian Liunian (BLN) is a first class (rated) national musician and composer and musical supervisor and director of Dongfeng Oriental Dance Troupe, Beijing.

BLN has the last 10 years been musical director general and composer for China Central Television (CCTV) Festival TV Productions. He has produced more than 100 television musical productions and won the coveted TV Golden Eagle Award (Chinese Television Oscar Award). He has the last 15 years been the producer of the annual spring festival concert, the largest broadcasted musical production in China and is member of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Ceremonies Team responsible for the musical production of closing ceremonies.

BLN is founder of the New Folk Music Association. He is member of the National Musical Instrument association, associate of China Light Music Committee, member of the National Professional Music Producer association and the MIDI Association.

BLN's talent is widely acknowledged in music circles, who have given him the nickname of "Chinese Music Wizard". Although he specializes in the erhu, the two stringed Chinese fiddle, Bian LIUNIAN can actually play over 200 music instruments, and composes more than 200 musical works every year. Bian LIUNIAN believes that a good musician should keep an open mind and be versatile; in other words he shouldn't just be able to play musical instruments, but should also know how to compose and adapt music. He is bold enough to experiment and break through frontiers to create new forms of music, and that's just what he has been doing.

In addition to updating ancient Chinese music, BLN has also attempted to use traditional instruments to perform western symphonic pieces. Chinese traditional music differs greatly with western music in terms of form, mode and harmony. So it's not hard to imagine how daunting a task it would be to adapt the First Movement of Bach's A-Minor Violin Concerto for the Chinese erhu. BLN is the first Chinese Erhu player who has tried to bring a Chinese touch to this famous classical piece.

As a pioneering figure in New Folk Music, BLN says that this style is a new form of traditional Chinese music imbued with Chinese spirit, but combined with various elements from different countries, and modern technology. He believes that folk music is a condensation of folk culture, and only when the cultural elements are infused into the music can it come to life. Therefore, BLN says that incorporating elements of foreign culture and music is one way of composing New Folk Music. Being alternative in the eyes of many, Bian LIUNIAN's music has been considered of the same character.


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